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A plethora of knowledge

What great value-packed resources that are up to date with the modern world.

Social media deconstructed

These four books on breaking into the social media marketing world are fantastic resources that have helped immensely.



Self-Love Bundle
Sayed Mohammad Amin Zahid
Thankfull for your support

Thank you for your sale and offer. It would be greatly beneficial if you could create a system for impoverished nations where individuals are already experiencing poverty and unemployment, especially those girls in Afghanistan who are not able to attend school beyond grade six. Your discounts and sales on books will provide valuable support for them.



The Ultimate Self Improvement Package

The Ultimate Self Improvement Package

Great books

I enjoy the bundle of books I recieved

Free Bonus: Master Your Mind
John Ryan Almadin
No double thinking grab it!!!

Bought these bundle! Very helpful and giving you a knowledge and more ideas really helpfull. kudos!!!

Knowledge at the finger tips

The books downloaded are good topics on the development of thinking and self-actualisation. Thanks life hack library for providing this knowledge at my finger tips at a very low price

The Ultimate Self Improvement Package

Better Memory Bundle
Shane Brockmann
How to stop being toxic

I'm about halfway through and the book is absolutely amazing! The way that they explain how to break things down into actionable steps is great. I have had a habit of procrastinating for a long time but I believe that I will be putting that in my past soon thanks to the knowledge I'm gaining from this book

Free Bonus: Master Your Mind
Georgios Kantianis
Just saw it and grab it!!

Hello to all I have saw this bundle and because I really like to invest in myself and have better mentality I believe that this is a very good bundle to start. Up to now I am too much busy with work but I believe the next days I will dig in !!

I am glad i found this library and having access to it is great, informative and developing.

The information provided was very detail and full of gems. For me I am not social media savvy, so this information came at a good time for me. As I am getting in the entrepreneurship.



Free Bonus: Master Your Mind
Lindsey Noor Roberts
A very enjoyable experience ????


Self-Love Bundle
Jerome Jordan

Love the books

Gd book

Nice book I learned

Coaching Business Bundle

This bundle is a must who would like to start online business

Some good info, some outdated info

The books on social media had a good amount of info for beginners, however the IG Guides one is not longer relevant since IG got rid of guides

Good Advice

The books are easy to read and include great guides for growing yourself and your business. Being a Youtube Content Creator is a business! The price was perfect and the content is usable. Purchase these books and get on the road to peace of mind, success and prosperity.

Great buy.

Productivity Bundle Best Buy

I recommend this useful bundle.
The best of its kind!

Self-Love Bundle
Trudy Louison
Self Love Bundle

Excellent selection of books and loved the summary information and quick links that accompanied the them for further learning and development. Great work putting it together team. Loving it!

I'm excited

After reviewing these materials, I cannot wait to begin implementing these ideas into my mind. This is just what I need to improve in my career.

Self love bundle

I absolutely love these books, they are so informative and make you think outside the box. I highly recommend these books.